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PodTales is sponsored by:

Lesley University College of Art and Design (LUCAD) will host PodTales’ inaugural festival. LUCAD recognizes the value in exposing students to the varied world of contemporary fiction podcasting, and considers PodTales a great way to attract prospective students. www.lesley.edu/college-art-and-design/

MICE, the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, held annually in Cambridge, is supporting PodTales through shared resources and logistics. PodTales will be held concurrently with MICE in adjacent buildings, encouraging fans of both media to discover and explore new ways to experience stories. http://micexpo.org

Himalaya has made bringing the right podcasts to the listeners who will love them its mission, developing a variety of sophisticated discovery tools for listeners. PodTales is pleased to have their support in our own mission to bring podcasters and listeners together! https://www.himalaya.com/

PRX is shaping the future of audio by connecting talented producers with their most engaged, supportive audiences, and is providing Boston-area podcasters with invaluable education and recording resources through the PRX Podcast Garage. PodTales is grateful to have such a dedicated champion of independent audio as an advocate for our mission to promote fiction podcasting.

RadioPublic, a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to helping listeners discover, engage with, and reward creators of stories, podcasts, and other audio, is a natural partner in PodTales’ mission to bring creators and fans of fiction podcasting together to celebrate the joy of storytelling with sound. https://radiopublic.com/

Fool and Scholar Productions is the creative team of producer Travis Vengroff and writer K. A. Statz. Together, they create gripping audio dramas and real play podcasts, including The White Vault, Liberty, and Dark Dice. PodTales is proud to have their support in growing a festival for all fiction podcasters.

Hindenburg Systems produces Hindenburg Journalist, the only audio production platform designed specifically for storytellers. Designed to be intuitive and tailored to spoken-word audio, Hindenburg Journalist is an ideal tool for novice and experienced podcasters alike. PodTales is delighted to have Hindenburg’s partnership in empowering new podcasters to tell their stories. https://hindenburg.com/

Dagaz Media is the team of William Dufris (Mind’s Eye Productions) and Fred Greenhalgh (FinalRune Productions), key talent behind the audio adaptation Locke & Key, as well as X-Files: Cold Cases and X-Files: Stolen Lives, all for Audible Studios. Bill comes from the rich British tradition of radio drama, while Fred was one of the early voices in American fiction podcasting. We are lucky to have this team bringing their experience and perspective to PodTales. http://www.dagazmedia.com/

Legal Services provided by Michael J. Cashton, Esq. www.linkedin.com/in/michaelcashton  

PodTales receives additional support from:

The Bridge Podcast
Greater Boston
The Ordinary Epic
The Post-Meridian Radio Players
The Procyon Podcast Network
Take the Mass Pike