Diversity Statement

PodTales is for Everyone

PodTales is committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, ethnicity, neurodiversity, and disability status. We aim to ensure every aspect of our show adheres to that commitment, including the assembly of our programming, showcases, pod grants, and anything else that comes into planning this show. We recognize the ongoing oppression of white supremacy and the vital importance and necessity of committing to antiracism, as an organization and as individuals. We aim to host a show that is inclusive and equitable for all who partake, including our attendees, exhibitors, and guests. PodTales is for everyone.

Our Mission

PodTales is a new podcasting festival devoted exclusively to celebrating imaginative audio storytelling, a medium that has experienced an explosion in popularity and a creative renaissance in recent years. The audience for audio drama, audio fiction, and real-play podcasts is diverse, energized, and quickly growing. 

As part of our mission, PodTales fosters a friendly and creative environment for its attendees and features free admission, special guests, an international showcase, family-friendly activities, hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Specific Strategies

  • We are inviting marginalized and underrepresented podcasters and paying them for their expertise.
  • In the curation of our podcast showcase, we are focusing on diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on race, gender, identity, age, religion, ethnicity, neurodiversity, and disability status as well as making a concerted effort to expand our scope beyond the United States and include international podcasts.
  • We emphasize and prioritize giving a platform to new, independent creators.
  • We will be providing financial/equipment-based grants to enable more aspiring creators to execute their ideas. People from marginalized backgrounds will be given priority.
  • We will be providing sessions to materially aid independent podcasts, particularly in regards to marketing and pitching one’s work.


  • We will provide transcripts for all podcasts released in our show feed.
  • We will provide live captions during the presentation.
  • We will provide captions for videos after the presentation.
  • We will have sign language interpreters present for each presentation.
  • We will provide moderators and have a safe space policy in place.
  • Our website is screen reader friendly.
  • In our programs and podcast feed, we will do our best to include relevant content warnings for sensitive subject matter.
  • Our broadcasted programs will not include strobing or flashing lights.