Official Statement on Investigation opened Monday June 17th, 2019

After Podtales’ announcement of Tau Zaman as a featured guest for the event, a Twitter user soon responded with accusations linking Zaman to allegations of abusive behavior towards a third party. Members of the PodTales team immediately opened an investigation into these allegations. To protect the privacy of all involved, we are not disclosing further details, but we have concluded that there is no evidence linking Zaman to the alleged incidents. When Podtales contacted the third party to clarify and ascertain the allegations, the third party did not allege any involvement on Zaman’s part.

Zaman was notified of the investigation, and they offered full cooperation. In light of facts ascertained, Tau Zaman will remain a featured guest of PodTales with our full confidence.

Full documentation of our investigation will be retained internally for future consideration as needed.

Alexander Danner
June 27th, 2019