Interview 1: How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Creative Process?

Click through for audio and transcript. Featuring: Cai Gwilym Pritchard of Chain of Being, Tal Minear of Sidequesting, What Will be Here, Light Hearts, and Someone Dies in This Elevator, Ann Slöan of The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles, Andrea Klassen of Me and AU and Station to Station, Jeffrey Nils Gardener of Unwell and Hartlife NFP, Pippin Eira Major of Clockwork Bird, Jordan Stillman of The Ordinary Epic, Kyle Decker of Quest Friends, Alex C. Telander of the Ostium Podcast. David Orión Pena of Dos: After You, Tamara Kissane Artist Soapbox, Masterbuilder, and The New Colossus, Amy Frost of Achewillow, Ali Hylton of Dining in the Void, and Andrew Wardlaw of Lamplight Radio Play.