Support PodTales

Admission to PodTales, whether on site or virtual, is free to all. PodTales therefor relies on your support to operate and remain vibrant and accessible!

You can donate to PodTales via PayPal. We plan to add additional avenues for supporting PodTales, including a shop selling last year’s T-shirts, mouse buttons, and posters!

What will your donation support?

This year we are raising funds to cover the following costs:

  • Payment for every panelist and moderator.
  • ASL interpreters included in every panel discussion.
  • Payment for in-group moderators for affinity group discussion channels in our PodTales Discord.
  • Fund micro grants to burgeoning podcasters in need of startup resources.
  • Additional services and platform fees as needed.

If fundraising exceeds our base needs for this year, additional funds will be applied to the following purposes, in this order:

  • Increase pay rates for panelists and moderators.
  • Increase pay rate for affinity group moderators.
  • Bank funds to serve as the seed for PodTales 2021.
  • Pay festival organizers. We’re volunteer-run at the moment, but they work so hard!